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Want to know more about cask wine?

  • If properly stored, cask wine can stay fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening. Enjoy a glass whenever you feel like it, without needing to open a bottle or worry about waste.

  • Cask wine was invented by Tom Angove in 1965…right here in Australia. Read more about the history of the cask wine.

  • Yes! The majority of the packaging involved in cask wine is recyclable and is predominantly produced from recycled materials. The wine box itself has only 13% of glass’ carbon footprint1, while a full cask has approximately half of the greenhouse gas emissions of the same amount of wine packaged in glass2.

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    2The Australian Wine Research Institute for Accolade (2013)

  • It’s time to celebrate an Aussie icon – to recognise the 50th anniversary of the invention of the cask and remind Australian consumers of the great convenience and reliability of cask wine.

    The fact that the cask gives you great freedom to choose, it’s easy to use for occasion-based drinking, great value, great quality and it has a lower environmental footprint than glass.

    It’s a celebration of all those things. But it’s also more than that. We want to celebrate the importance of the cask to the Australian wine industry – the fact that it helps support more than 60,000 jobs across Australia’s wine-producing regions in Australia and is a critical part of what keeps our wine industry viable, vibrant and able to deliver all the great products consumers have come to know and expect.

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